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An Enterprise-Grade Decoding Algorithm Where You Need It

Consumer grade, or even freemium decoding software can't match the performance of 20 years of scanning innovation. Code‘s decoding algorithm was designed to outperform no matter the environment. It can read any barcode symbology one—or hundreds—at a time. Our image-based processing compensates for damage, high or low contrast, reflective surfaces, and colored barcodes.

CortexDecoder® for Epic Rover™

CortexDecoder® is a software-based barcode scanning solution that was chosen for integration into Epic Rover because it provides users enterprise-grade barcode scanning strength—using only the camera on an iOS device.

Able to scan hundreds of barcode symbologies, CortexDecoder® empowers healthcare workers to seamlessly move from one workflow to another.

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"Using the mobile devices to scan and administer medication has been life-changing.”

Jill McKinney
Director of Clinical Informatics
Novant Health

CortexDecoder® for MEDITECH

CortexDecoder® is a software barcode scanning solution that integrates with MEDITECH EHR solutions to provide users enterprise-grade barcode scanning functionality using only an Apple device's camera.

With the ability to scan hundreds of barcode symbologies, CortexDecoder® enables healthcare workers to seamlessly move between workflows.

CortexDecoder® for Cerner

CortexDecoder® is a software-based barcode decoding solution integrated with Cerner EHR tools to provide industry-leading barcode reading capabilities using only an iOS device's camera.

Decoding hundreds of barcode symbologies, CortexDecoder® empowers healthcare teams to effortlessly move between tasks to accommodate many workflows.

CortexDecoder® for Allscripts

CortexDecoder® is a software scanning solution that integrates with Allscripts EHR solutions to provide users enterprise-grade barcode scanning functionality using the existing camera on your Apple device.

Able to decode hundreds of barcode symbologies, CortexDecoder® enables healthcare workers to seamlessly move between workflows.

Benefits of Mobile EHR Solutions

Cost Savings

Consumer devices are inexpensive, easy to update, and are often supported long after new versions are available.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

With most staff already carrying their own smartphones to work daily, a bring-your-own-device mentality can save money and let everyone work on a device they are familiar with. As a security benefit, their devices can also be secured with their own biometrics or passcodes.


Mobile devices are untethered and go where your staff needs to with ease—from room to room and bedside to bedside.


Smartphones can be used for a variety of functions in the workplace, consolidating the number of devices a nurse will rely on during a shift.

Five Steps to Evaluate Embedded Scanning Solutions

1: Define Your Requirements

Work with stakeholders in your organization to answer vital questions:

  • What is the primary issue to be addressed?
  • Who will be using the software?
  • How will the software be implemented?
  • What are the minimum requirements the software must meet?
  • What are parameters of the data capture?
  • What do you hope to achieve with this embedded solution?
  • What deadlines do you have that will impact this process?
These questions will help you define success for the software implementation.

2: Begin Your Research

Perform an internet search for “barcode decoder” or “barcode scanning software.” Results will include the top barcode scanning choices such as Code's CortexDecoder® and products from other vendors. This will give you a feel for who might be a goodfit to provide the barcode scanning software you need. There are other resources you can utilize as well:

  • White Papers provide an opportunity to look at in-depth topics relating to the company and their scanning solutions.
  • LinkedIn is a good place to learn how the company conducts business, read some of their press coverage, and see how they interact with their employees and other companies.
Once you’ve gathered the data you need, you’ll want to develop a list of your top candidates before moving on to the next step (3-4 candidates are typically sufficient).

3: Demo and Test Drive

Now it’s time to kick the tires and take the software for a spin.

During your trial period, create challenge scenarios for the barcode scanning software to see how it performs under the best conditions and worst-case scenarios:

  • Low-light or dynamic-light situations
  • Repeated, rapid scanning
  • Multiple code types
  • Damaged codes
  • Hard-to-read or faint codes
  • Curved-surface reads
  • Uneven-surface reads
  • Small or blurred codes
This is an opportunity to find other capabilities you may want to evaluate that hadn’t previously been discussed. This is also a good time to begin evaluating the vendor's customer support and service. As a vital resource, it’s important to know their level of responsiveness and expertise long before you have an actual need for it.

4: Implementation Resources

The vendor you've chosen should provide customized implementation, and support should meet the needs of your company—whether large or small. You should have access to an experienced technical team and engineers who make implementing the software easy and smooth. Additional consultation and training can make certain your staff has the knowledge to make your new system's launch a success.

5: Recommendation

All your research, demos, real-world tests, and team feedback have led you to thefinal evaluation step. To wrap up your evaluation and solidify your recommendation there are a few considerations still remaining:

  • Software licensing options and flexibility
  • Price quotes for various software configurations
  • Implementation costs and customization additions
  • Support, maintenance, or upgrade costs
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements requirements
  • Additional contract details
Giving these last pieces of the evaluation some attention will help you determine your final vendor recommendation with confidence.

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