We design and customize a product offering and service bundle to eliminate workflow struggles improving overall business operations.

We specialize in lessening the burden of implementation to have you up and running with next to zero downtime.

Product Offering

Before procuring a system of products it’s good to know your options by asking questions such as:

  1. Will this solution meet our needs?
  2. How do we plan to install and deploy this solution?
  3. Will my team be ready to support this solution?
  4. How long do I need this solution?

There is much to consider. Luckily, Code’s service program can resolve any combination of answers. Unsure as to your product selection? Remove the pressure by piloting a product system for 30 days. If you love it, you keep everything; if not, return everything and try another. If you know the product system you want and you’re ready to buy, then we should discuss your options for executing the installation and GoLive phase of your project.

Code will provide a competitive offering tailored to each customer’s needs.


Installations require a significant amount of planning and resources.

There is a lot to consider. At Code we think of everything! We ensure each product is unpacked and assembled accurately, placed in its proper location and attached to the correct computer or workstation. A seamless GoLive depends on executing this correctly but, more importantly, that each reader is configured correctly and ran through the appropriate quality controls to ensure all software applications are communicating as they should be.

Product piloting mitigates the risk in capital investments. Customers can trial Code products for 30 days to ensure they’ve chosen products that are right for their business and workflows. Product piloting includes 1-day of on-site technical training by our expert Application Engineers. Code offers buyout options for customers that decide they can’t work without their Code products.

Code will plan and execute each installation according to customer needs, schedules and timelines. If customers forego site surveys, installations require that the customer gathers quantitative and qualitative information. Code will request a building map with a complete list of deployment details, such as computer asset identifiers, barcode scanner selection and quantities, mounting requirements and quantities, room numbers, and the like. Don’t have time to gather all the needed information to proceed? We can help with that too.

Code advises customers to take advantage of Code’s Train-the-Trainer service following an installation. We want to ensure each customer gets the most value from their investment.

On-Site Technical Support: If customers decide to perform product installations themselves, this options provides on-site support during their GoLive. Code expert engineers will be there to support the customers throughout the process.

On-Call Technical Support: If customers decide to perform product installations themselves, this options provides on-call support during their GoLive. Code expert engineers will be on standby to offer 24-hour support for any technical issues and questions customers may encounter.

Looking for a temporary scanning solution? Awesome! You can rent any product system for three months, up to one year. Product rentals offer customers flexibility if they have temporary data-capture needs or if they prefer to rent versus buy.


Code has a range of supporting services that you can choose from.

We’d be happy to install each product and complete a system quality check, or we can simply support you from a technical position. We can be on-site or remain on standby throughout your GoLive stage. We’ll be there for you in whatever capacity you need.

Now that the GoLive was a success, is your team ready to take the controls? Code’s expert Application Engineers will provide on-site technical training. Training includes, but isn’t limited to, troubleshooting, CortexTools2 overview and functionality, searching for and choosing reader configurations, sharing product-specific tutorials, and cleaning techniques. We even walk the floors to chat with end users to ensure they are ready for prime-time. The best way to increase acceptance within any program is to share the knowledge on all levels. Become experts from the experts!

Code engineers liaise with customer’s IT lead and other team leads to ease the load of managing their fleet of barcode scanning devices and products. Training will cover Code utility simulations, data parsing and extraction, the process for downloading firmware and updating software configurations, and so forth. Code engineers will also provide troubleshooting help and cover the RMA processes.

Want a quick and easy way to learn about your product and its features? Check out our product video library to see everything from product overview, industry-specific workflows, out-of-the-box startup, configuration setup, training, and more.

For customers that would like webinars for internal training or information sharing, Code will create tailored webinars. We will apply your branding graphics and work with you to ensure the information you need is translated from a marketing aspect and technical proficiency level.


Code offers various mounts, stands, and carrying solutions for every workflow in any environment–including disinfectant-ready healthcare options.