We match our technology and services
with your unique business needs!

We are here to help you evaluate your data capture needs and analyze the best hardware or software solution for your various workflows. Connect is all about understanding and delivering the very best options for your unique environment.


Code believes in getting to know each customer through a pre-sales discussion.

We approach each project holistically, working to understand what you and your team need to accurately match a product solution and service bundle. Depending on the size and complexity of your project, a site survey may be the answer to ensure you’re selecting the correct product solution and gathering the necessary site information for a seamless installation and deployment. We want to make your life easier from the start.

Code wants to connect with each customer to understand your business needs, workflows, pain points, and data manipulation requirements.

Site Surveys

Site surveys are designed to assist and prepare customers for installations and GoLive events. 

Code will liaise with you and your team to develop product deployment maps that clearly present where each product will be placed, including, but not limited to, department and room data collection, asset tag to product matching and located. Furthermore, Code supports customers with existing mounting solutions or fully customizable options, which is also documented and paired to each room or workstation. No need to outsource; if we don’t have it, we’ll make it just for you!

Each site survey results in a Report Card that provides:

  1. Facility, department and asset tag information related to each product
  2. Product and mounting descriptions, counts, and SKUs
  3. Tips and recommendations for more efficient installation and GoLive projects

No need for commitments here! If you want to install and mount everything yourself, we’ll simply deliver the Site Survey Report Card so you can set your team up for success.

From the words of Mr. Ben Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail,” one of the best ways to manage your new barcode scanning investment is to start with the best plan, a Code site survey. Site surveys are performed alongside customers and are designed to map out an entire facility to decern the ideal placement of each barcode scanning asset in order to optimize the best workflow outcome for your business. This plan accounts for any special mounting or cable management needs. A formal site report card is compiled and used to ensure a smooth and seamless installation process according to each customer’s unique needs, as well as a proper accounting of each asset placement for permanent record or future service needs.

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