When you are one of the largest healthcare providers in the U.S privacy is not simply an afterthought, it is a critical component in every decision made. With newly mandated regulatory requirements affecting change to internal hospital process and workflows, finding the right partner that understands the importance placed on this privacy was a key deciding factor. Code easily stood out above the rest and was selected to implement a full deployment of products and services customized for each process and unique workflow solution that met and exceeded the new regulatory mandates. For privacy reasons, the name of the healthcare provider will remain protected as this case study highlights the problems faced with solutions and innovations deployed. For this article, we will call them Healthcare Network Ltd. (HCL).


HCL came up against a common business problem—regulatory mandates and lack of resources to address to execute with. The National Drug Code (NDC) set an industry directive that all entities administering any drug must capture and report its qualitative and quantitative information according to NDC standards using barcode scanning technologies.

To meet NDC standards, HCL requested 25,000 Code CR1400 barcode readers for a number of medical office building campuses across Northern California. As an existing partner, HCL knew they could count on Code to deliver quality barcode scanning devices for any office and workflow they have.

As HCL started to formulate their installation plan they quickly realized that the amount of work was too great for the restricted resources available for this project; furthermore, they only had 2 months to install every unit to remain compliant and avoid additional monetary sanctions. There was no way HCL could meet the deadline without help.


Code’s site surveys and GoLive programs were exactly what HCL needed.

The work included:

  • Meeting with HCL’s management to accurately understand how each department (within each office) would use the barcode scanners as well as confirm the CR1400 scanner was the best choice for their workflows.
  • Performing site surveys to determine and document strategic product placement and select appropriate mounting configurations for each room and area.
  • Collecting campus maps to provide the GoLive team with installation roadmaps linked to site survey documentation.

It was determined that HCL needed custom mounting solutions, so Code sourced and built custom mounts tailor-made for HCL.

The site surveys equipped Code’s GoLive team with the correct number of barcode scanners and mounts required for each campus and a well-defined deployment map to efficiently execute the installation.

“[HCL management] have been receiving great reviews from many of the facilities who have had their site surveys done so far.” – Project Manager, HCL


The HCL site surveys attested to the importance of employing Code; it was found that HCL needed half the units they originally requested. Code was able to determine their needs and reduced their order by over 12,000 units—that’s huge savings!

Code GoLive was a success—approximately 13,000 units installed within 2 months!

“Thank you for the support, coordination and overall flexibility your group has provided to [HCL] NCAL.” – Project Manager, HCL

“Thank you and the ever wonderful Code team for getting the installs completed on time for our organization. We could not have made this short turnaround-time goal without…the Code team…” – Sr. Project Manager, HCL

“The CR1400 worked ‘beautifully’ post upgrade…” – Physician, HCL